Don’t throw them away

I love this idea and you will too! Don’t throw away your empty Young Living essential oil bottles. Do this instead:

There is always just a few drops of oil left in the bottom of your oil bottles. You almost wish you could scream, cause you love your oils so much! You would shake it and bang it but what if a tiny drop lands on the floor! Nooooooooo! So here is another way to make something good with EO’s (👈Essential Oils). In a glass container (NO PLASTIC!) Layer sugar in the bottom. Take apart your oil bottles. The plastic dropper divider will pop right off. Put the lid, the plastic dropper and the bottle down into the sugar.

After you completely covered them in sugar, layer the top with a little more sugar. I’ve used white sugar but you can use brown or whatever you have on hand. I will leave my bottles in this container for 2-3 weeks and in the mean time I’ll be adding more empty bottles till it’s full.

The smell is amazing once the process is done! It smells like the Young Living factory…I imagine. Once you take all the bottles out (Don’t throw away just yet, tell you in a min) add drops of fractioned coconut or almond oil and stir to make sugar scrub. You don’t want it to be runny, so just use drops to make it thick. There ya go! You have an EO sugar scrub!

Now, what to do with the empty bottles. If you have the space…i don’t because we live in a camper!! Fill the bottles up with samples of the labeled oils. For example if you have a Lavender bottle that you stuffed in the sugar, drop 10 or so drops in the same lavender bottle as a sample to give to a friend.

Gift idea: Small glass jars are inexpensive. Buy some and fill them with the smelly good sugar scrub. Throw some pretty ribbons and tags on them. I would love this gift!

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If you’re interested in becoming a Young Living member, I would love to chat with you. Click on menu…Click on contact…there ya go! Or you can click on the link to sign up:

Becoming a Young Living member will be your best decision yet! Premium starter kit is what you will start off with purcashing. It comes with so many oils, samples and a beautiful diffuser. Then, once your ready to purchase more oils you will get the member discount. There is no obligation to sale or purchase monthly products! Wanna know more about Young Living Essential oils? Shoot me a message.

Follow my blog so you can see my oil journey. We use them in everyday life inculding our family, in homeschool and with our dogs!

18 thoughts on “Don’t throw them away

    1. Thank you for reading! Are you a Young Living member?


  1. Wonderful idea. Was wondering how to get the last bit of oil out of the bottle. FYI- might want to amend the Member discount % to say you can achieve up to 24% via the monthly order program.


  2. Great idea. Thanks for sharing!!


      1. Do you mix the oils from the different bottles. Like lavender, rosemary, peppermint, oregano, etc. with the carrier oil all in one glass container with the sugar. Or try to do complimentary blends?


      2. I usually get some glass jars and fill the jars up the sugar and then add just a little carrier oil to the jars.


  3. So do I understand that if I become a Young Living “member”, I get a discount on everything I order, regardless of the amount of the order? But if I ordered a lot, that’s when the 24% kicks in? I’m curious as I love the idea of ordering my own oils but thought there was a minimum amount I would have to spend every month. Set me straight. Donna H.


    1. When you become a member, you will receive wholesale on all orders. Which is the percentage discount. Plus the other perks of being a member.


  4. This is an absolutely wonderful idea!
    I have a lot of empty bottles that I just didn’t want to let go of.
    Now I know exactly what to do with.
    Thank you so much for this suggestion.

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    1. Leigh Ann Doolin February 6, 2019 — 9:52 am

      You can also buy roller tops and make your empty bottles into roller bottles. It’s cheaper than buying roller bottles. You can get them at Young Living and also usually on eBay. The tops will fit a 5 or15 or bottle as there tops are the same size. These make a cute little roller bottle and it’s a great way to recycle.


  5. I do this but with epsom salts instead of sugar – makes for incredible smelling bath salts. And I use the empty YL bottles to make my own roll-ons. The roller tops came in my starter kit and fit on all YL bottles.


  6. I love the sugar scrub idea. I’ve been doing the same but instead of sugar using Epsom salt, then you have salts ready for a lovely bath 😊


  7. Super idea! Thanks!


  8. Reba Harrington January 5, 2019 — 3:43 am

    I put my empty bottle in the diffuser on it’s side; also the cap and plastic insert.


    1. Yes everything goes in. Dont wanna waste one single drop!


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