Ladybug Nature Study

We’ve enjoyed learning about God’s little insect this week. The Ladybug! Or ladybird depending on where you’re from in our world.

Ladybugs can have 1 spot or 22 spots plus! It can be a beautiful shade of red, yellow or orange!

We started off with a video on how to draw a lady bug from Art for Kids Hub YouTube channel. This is one of our favorite places to find tutorials for drawing art!

We enjoyed this book. “A Ladybugs Life” by John Himmelman. It was very informative about the life of the ladybug. Good for younger children to read aloud.

This was fun little craft that I picked up at Michael’s. Technically it was a “love bug” for Valentine’s Day but it worked for us as a ladybug craft.

We also did this 100 chart lady bug coloring page. I searched it on pinterest and found it for free.

Up next we did a life cycle worksheet. I also searched it on pinterest. You can cut out the stages and glue them to the bug body. My son got his out of order but we talked about the right way the life cycle order goes…

Closer to the end of the week we decided to draw our own ladybug and label its parts.

Lastly, here is YouTube video we watched to learn about the different species of ladybugs.

Here is my fun ladybug freebie at Teachers pay Teachers:

2019-05-14 (3)

We hope to search for ladybugs all summer long and add more pictures to this post! Thanks friends!

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