Sonlight C Bible Verses

I’m new to Sonlight this year. So far I love the structure it provides. It is simple and to the point. Sonlight History has provided lots of enrichment for my son, as well. We love the readers and enjoy the history very much. He has soared with his reading, wanting to complete each book in one setting. The only thing I wanted to be different for my family was the weekly History C memory bible verses to be in NIRV(New International Reader’s Version). We wanted to understand the verses better and to really be able to let it leave a mark on our hearts.

So…if you’re like me and want to have some pretty cards for the weekly Sonlight History C bible verses…well here ya go.

These are for whom ever wants to enjoy the verses. The verses in particular are highlighted in our son light curriculum.

I combined the weeks 3-8 (Matthew 6:9-13) onto one card. I thought it would be easier to learn if all of it was together.

HERE: is my paypal link:

You can use this link for donation purposes. Anything is appreciated. Thanks!

Here is the pdf file for the verses:

Sonlight C Grade 3 bible verses.pdf

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do. Feel free to leave me a comment if I need to change something.

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