Great Horned Owl Nature Study

This, by far is one of our favorite studies. We tent camp in late fall all over Virginia and North Carolina and you can always bet, late at night, we will hear the calls of the local owls. At first it always spooks us, but to lay under the stars and listen to this beautiful creature is pure magic. So, once or twice a year we will do owl studies. This week we read chapter 2 from “Among the People”and it was about the great horned owl!

I’m doing my nature study picks from a book called Among The People Series by Clara Dillingham Pierson.

You can find it here on Amazon. Kindle is only $1.99

Each story talks about the animals that live in the forest, farmyard, meadow, pond, and those who only come out at night. Instead of animals the book refers to them as people. I’m in love with the short stories! You can pick up a lot of information in each story about the individual animals. But, I take each story and break down what I want to study more about that animal:

So here is your prep work, I promise its easy and by doing it ahead of time you’ll be ready to go after each story is read. You can copy my work and please add too it.

Please leave me a comment about what you added!


My son is 8 years old, and we’re really into reading right now. “Owl At Home” is such a great book for 2nd/3rd grade readers.

Owl At Home

Owl Moon

All About Owls

Bird Egg Feather Nest

Day and Night

This one is a hard find. You can search Thrift Books(this link will you give you a 15% off any order when you sign up) or any used book store.

Nature Anatomy

Now for the rest of study. Easy and simple ideas.

Audiovisuals: We mainly use YouTube for awesome videos but we’ve recently been introduced to Curiosity Stream. Check it out!

Here is a video about the great horned owl call : Youtube

We also used the National Geographic website to learn more about the owls. Here is the link: Great Horned Owl video.

Art: We use many resources for our art projects but here are a couple of favorites in our home: We love Nana and her ability to turn art into magic. It’s so easy and if you follow them you will be able to access a ton of free art lessons. However, we paid for the bird nature study. Here is the link: Bird art videos.

Art For Kids Hub, YouTube channel. We love that this family all do art together and you will not be sorry for looking them up. They have more realistic items to draw too. Here is the owl art project link: Owl art with Art for Kids Hub

Games/Fun Stuff:

Bird Bingo
Paint by Sticker

Owl Pellets: This could be a hike idea to search for pellets on the ground at the base of trees or you can do like we did and buy them off the internet. We bought our kit off of Amazon but you can buy them at places like and

*update: while camping in Virginia we came across some fresh pellets. They were laying next to a creek bank 10 ft from a birch tree. It’s a first for us! It was so exciting!

Here are a few snap shots:

Owl Pellets laying near birch tree
Close up of owl pellets
Close up of the bones inside the owl pellet

We also downloaded a free owl pellet bone diagram off of Pinterest.
Math: We just simply went through population numbers of the great horned owl compared to other owls species.
Spelling: I picked a few words and had him write and define them. Prey, species, dusk, nocturnal and raptor.
Geography: Find the most populated area of this species, also we named other areas the great horned owl lives.
Other ideas:
Hiking to find an owl
Nature Centers, Zoos and Aquariums

Lastly, lets talk about essential oils now. I diffused northern spruce everyday of the week, while reading and discovering new facts about this amazing creature. Even though we go outside as much as possible I still wanted the smells of the earth during our precious time togherher.

******Check out my Great Horned Owl nature study on Teachers Pay Teachers: Great Horned Owl Nature Study



P.S. All the highlighted links are affiliated links. I do get credit for you clicking on them and purchasing the books or products. However, I’m not responsible for anything that may happen while clicking. Thanks.

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