Closing is coming up soon! We only had a few mishaps during our process of home buying/building. This is not a custom home but we did ask for just a few things to be changed.

Our garage door and our front door got painted this ugly brown color that was straight up out of the 70’s. It wasn’t even in our agreeded plan. Garage door was suppose to be white. Front door was suppose to be steel gray.

The lesson is to stay on top of builders and sub contractors or you’ll ge this:

What were they thinking!! This is blowing my mind. There really was no place to put a towel bar but come on…

So I asked for it to be removed. I bought these matte black hooks from Amazon:

Where will we put them? I dont know, but it’s got to be better than the towel bar that was placed under the shower head!

We also asked for them to not put up the big bulky contractor mirrors but they did. This will be the first house where I could buy exactly what I wanted for mirrors. Please, Mr. Contractor, take them down so I can buy some beautiful mirrors that go with the house. So many people have told me that they want to frame in their contractor pack mirrors to make them look farmhouse appropriate. Me, I just want to start out with what I want. I’ll give you a sneak peek here of the ones we chose:

Overall we’ve had a really good experience with our builder. We can see the quality in our home. I’m looking so forward to making it my space!!

We asked for a few more things that I will tell you about later that made our home look fantastic. Stay tuned.

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