One week till…

One week! One week till we have a Florida home all to ourselves! Excited is an understatement! I’m trying to channel my inner Erin Napier(HGTV Home Town) to decide on some final decor options. It’s really hard to imagine it all together without being in the space but I think it’s one of my favorite things to sit and dream about. Maybe I should’ve went to school for interior design instead of Massage School or my years of college that I was just trying to survive.

Let me tell you a little bit about our recent history so you can understand why we are so excited about our new home. Our life gets tossed around about every 2 years. My husband works as a Super for different companies on construction sites. His background is an Electrician. He’s super smart and were so proud of him. This past year has been a little more crazy than just moving around every few years. We went from Virginia to North Carolina to Cheyenne, Wyoming and lastly, were in Florida now. This was all in a time period of a little over a year. I’m tired. Writing this makes me tired.

Oh, did I mention that we live in a camper.

Camp spot in Cheyenne, WY

Except, while we were in NC we did have a house for 6 months. Here are some photos. I loved this place. It was so close to the beach and it was warm for the most part during the winter.

North Carolina home.

I’m definitely not opposed to living in a camper. It’s been good for our family. All the togetherness and love that we’ve shared has been wonderful. We’ve lived a simple minimalist life. We only had each other as we went. I’m hoping those are the memories that my son takes from this experience as well. We’ve had some really hard times though. So many that we question our every move and find it hard to trust. We’ve been let down by family members during this process and that was the worst. So, with having no support and no where to call home, I prayed for landing spot. Give me a spot to lay my head other than a shaking camper.

A year later in Florida, I’m trusting that this is the path he has chosen for me. It may only be temporary but, at least I can have grass to walk around barefooted on and outdoor furniture to curl up in with sun on my face with a good book. This home will be special because I’m grateful for all those bad times, to get to the good times!!

Now, lets get back to all the cozy pillows that I want to buy. Anyone else obsessed with pillows or house plants? Good! I’m glad I’m not the only one. In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing like crazy about inspirations from pictures and Pinterest boards. And even though our home is new, I still have to add our style to it. So, I’ll share with you what we’ve done along the way. Here is the latest photo of the outside. Still needs a few touch ups and the inside needs some work too. Thanks for sticking with me!


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