March Morning Basket

I’ve been reading about how lots of you are doing school at home now for quarantine. We’re in confinement ourselves but the difference is that we homeschool all the time. And we love it! So, I hope I can help you with you new situation.

Join us this week with our Morning Basket or Morning Time. Morning time is just time that we spend doing fun and easy subjects such as nature studies. I gather up supplies and put them in basket on our homeschool table or you can use your dining table. Here is a list of this week activities. Add your own spin and do research on fun things to do. These activities can be modified for any age. My child is 9 and I do a mixture of things for younger and older children.

This week is all about planes and snails. Not kidding!

G chose to do some research on planes and our nature study is about snails. We follow a nature program called Exploring Nature with Children. Here is her website: Snails are what is being studied this week in her amazing book. We’re very excited for a nature walk in Florida to look for snails. Pictures to come on Instagram and Facebook.

Every morning I start out with a prayer, a bible verse to memorize and a hymn to sing: Our prayer is all about protection: May the light of God surround you. May the love of God enfold you. May the power of God protect you. May God place His healing hands upon you and heal you quickly. May the presence of God watch over you. Wherever you are God is. Amen I read this prayer every morning. The bible verse comes from Hebrews 10:24 (let your child read it over and over to get it memorized by the end of the week) and the hymn of the week is “What a friend we have in Jesus” You can look up the lyrics and videos online or on YouTube. I like this one:

Poetry: We read a poem a day from Something Big Has Been Here. Free on Audible right now. This is one of our favorite poem books. It makes us laugh. I can send you some snap shot of a weeks worth if you just reach out and ask.

Something Big Has Been Here

You can choose any poems that might make you smile or give your child a happy day.

Planes: G wanted to know more about planes since we lived so close to an airport before moving into our home. He asked these questions: How do planes get started so fast and fly so quickly? We found this video to help with the answer for the wheels. How do they land on tiny wheels? What all can they carry? Check out this DK website for all kinds of planes: We plan to research each question for the first three days. We also have an Usborne book that were going to use for our research. There are many to choose from on Usborne’s website if you click here to see. These videos are also on our list to watch: and

Art: In our home we do art daily. We love it! Monday: Art for Kids Hub on Youtube. Tuesday: Stencil planes from Amazon. Wednesday: Pick a toy airplane and draw it. Thursday: Light box airplane drawing. (or you can tape the picture up to the window and trace it in a sunny room) Friday: Folding paper airplanes. You can also purchase a book of folding paper airplanes from Usborne here.

plane stencils
You can purchase the light box here

Science: Testing paper airplanes. Make 3 different folding airplanes and test which flies higher and which flies the longest distance. Record the answers to compare.

Artist: I always like to include an artist to study or Shakespeare or a composer. This week were doing Vincent van Gogh. Here is the book were reading and the cards were studying. You can almost always find his art online and the story of his life.


Nature Study: Snails!! Invertebrates or Vertebrates? Why do they have tentacles? How many tentacles do they have? Learn about their shell? How do snails crawl, do they have feet? Herbivores, Carnivores or Omnivores? What do they eat? Go on a nature walk to find snails. Look up online your area and how to find them. Take pictures and identify them when you get back home or get a nature app that will help you identify each species. We love Christian Liberty Nature Readers. Snails are in book #5

Here are some more books on Amazon about snails that might be interesting:

Animals Close up
Are you a snail?

Another idea is to draw a snail and identify the parts of the snail. I use free clip art for such drawings. Or maybe you can find one on pinterest that is blank to print off.

I hope you enjoy your week!


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