April Morning Basket

Each year we do 2 tree studies. One in the Spring and one in the Fall. April is a great time to start studying trees. This year Arbor Day is on the 24th of April. I spend most of April focusing on Easter. That’s the next homeschooling post, so stay tuned!

I’m sharing with you some great ideas for a week full of fun. Fun about trees, history and art. Leave me a comment and don’t forget to follow me.

We start our morning off with prayer, hymn and poetry. By the end of the week your child will know them by heart.


Hymn: This Little Light of Mine. Excellent video on YouTube!!


Tree Study: Spring time tree study! This is what we plan to do for at least a week: Notice the difference in the trees during the spring and in the fall. Choose a leaf from your yard or park and study it closely. We use a tiny microscope like this to look at it. Try and sketch the leaf with your child, paying close attention to the shape and small veins running through the leaf. Do the veins run in pairs or do they alternate? Is there one main vein? Does the leaf have a smooth edge or does it have teeth(serrated)? What color is it? Measure its length. Write and draw all this in a journal. When fall comes you can go back to the same tree and do the same thing with same leaf and note the differences.

  • Collect a bunch of leaves and use this fandex to identify them(check out the end of the post for more pics).
  • We’re using wooden tree pencils all week like these.
  • We’re also using a Florida Pocket Guide. You can always look up the pocket guide for your state on Amazon. Here is Florida’s and Tennessee.
  • Books:
Fun with Nature
How the…
A Tree is Nice
Tree Belongs..
Play the Forest…
Golden Guide
Nature Anatomy


Science: Leaf Experiment: Grab some of the leaves you gathered from your nature walk and drop several different kinds in a large glass or bowl of water, be sure they are completely submerged. Be sure your leaves are fresh, this won’t work with dried out leaves!

Set your bowls in a sunny window, you will need to leave them alone for a few hours.

Come back after a couple of hours and observe what you see. Do you notice the bubbles forming on the surface of the leaf? Do the larger leaves have more bubbles?

The leaves are using photosynthesis ( converting sunlight into energy) and they are releasing the excess oxygen and water that they do not need. Using the water gives us a pretty cool look at how the process works, something we would not normally get to see!

Games: Brain Box: Nature

Artist Study: We’re also studying about Vincent van Gogh. Here are some resources that are helping us study his art.

Sunflowers &
Paint by number

These are the resources that were mentioned above:

Mini Microscope
Tree Fandex
Pocket Guide
TN Pocket Guide
Brain Box

This post contains affiliate links. I might get a small commission when you purchase from this site at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!


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