Easter: Morning Basket

This year Easter will look different for all of us! But, we can still make it fun for our kids by celebrating Holy week. Let’s try and find JOY and PEACE in this trying time. Read John 14: 27. He’s with us friends and He will never leave us! My plans for next week include Bible reading to learn the Easter story, fun Easter related activities and things you can do at home in honor of this glorious celebration.

Morning Basket time is simply time together with your child that is spent reading and learning all the good stuff. You can add anything you want to your basket. These ideas are just simply what we plan to do for a weeks time. This week is a special week! It’s Easter! We’re going to be learning about Jesus and his last days here on Earth. Happy Holy Week!!

Prayer: If you’ve read any previous post, you know that I always start our day with a prayer. We need prayer now more than ever. I’m excited about this weeks prayer because my Pastor from Tennessee contributed this beautifully written prayer. Read this every morning:

Almighty God, we celebrate the gift of Your Son Jesus during this Holy Week. Jesus, we remember and learn about Your last week, from the shouts of Hosanna, to the last meat with your disciples, ending with the humiliations, pain, fear, and loneliness as You died on the cross. You endured it all because You love us. Help us during this Holy Week to focus on all You must have felt and endured, so we may be strengthened to endure whatever may come. You died for us, may we live each day for You through the power of the Holy Spirit and the joy of the Resurrection. Amen! Pastor, Tammy Greene Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Poetry: Read each morning after prayer.

An Easter Carol
Christina Rossetti
Spring bursts to-day, For Christ is risen and all the earth’s at play.  

Flash forth, thou Sun, The rain is over and gone, its work is done.  

Winter is past, Sweet Spring is come at last, is come at last.  

Bud, Fig and Vine, Bud, Olive, fat with fruit and oil and wine.  

Break forth this morn In roses, thou but yesterday a Thorn.  

Uplift thy head, O pure white Lily through the Winter dead.  

Beside your dams Leap and rejoice, you merry-making Lambs.  

All Herds and Flocks Rejoice, all Beasts of thickets and of rocks.  

Sing, Creatures, sing, Angels and Men and Birds and everything.  

All notes of Doves Fill all our world: this is the time of loves.

Bible Readings, Picture Study and Craft: Look for the wreath for the daily bible readings.

Sunday: Palm Sunday! Song: Hosanna by Hillsong Craft: Print the palm template below if you don’t have palm leaves to wave around during worship. Green construction paper, pencil for tracing and scissors are all you need.

Palm Sunday Readings
Right click to print palm template

Monday: Clearing the Temple Song: Stronger by Hillsong Craft: Construct a table from items that you have on hand or you can draw and cut out a table using construction paper.

Tuesday: Teaching at the Temple Song: Who You Say I Am by Hillsong Craft: Making scrolls.

Wednesday: Judas’ betrayal Song:Passion Song Craft: Praying Hands. Trace this template and cut it out.

Right Click to Print

Thursday: The Last Supper Song: Nothing But The Blood of Jesus Craft: The Last Super Coloring Page:

Right Click to Print

Friday: Good Friday and the Cross Song: At The Foot of The Cross Craft: Drawing the Cross and Coloring it or use 2 popsicle sticks and glue them together.

Saturday: Laid in the tomb Song: Risen King Craft: Construct a tomb and stone. You can use paper or clay. Be creative.

Sunday: Happy Easter! The Lord Has Risen! Song: Glorious Day

*Pin each days craft onto a board or wreath so you can see the full story on Sunday

Other ideas:

  • Paint each days reading onto rocks(Ideas on Pinterest).
  • Easter Egg Holy Week! Love this idea. Link below for eggs from Amazon.
  • Search for Movies and Videos you can watch together for the week.

Books and more: Click on the blue link below the book to view on Amazon

Bunny Ears

This post contains affiliate links. I might get a small commission when you purchase from this site at not extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

Don’t forge to follow me and tag me in your creations. Have a blessed Holy Week!


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