Caterpillar Morning Basket

For the past three years we’ve studied about caterpillars and their life cycle. I say this a lot but it truly is one of our favorites! The month of May is a great time, no matter where you live to see these magnificent creatures. Once you start to do these types of nature studies, your children will want to find things in nature almost every time you walk outside. Show them everything that’s interesting! Have them identify bugs, trees, feathers…etc. It’s also amazing to watch them find a chrysalis and get so excited. Now, on to the caterpillar study!

We’re going to be studying caterpillars (we will study butterflies next) for 2 weeks. All of these ideas are things you can add to your morning basket. You can change it around to make it fun for your children. I’ve done lots of research on each product and content and I would really appreciate you giving me a follow or like!

Each morning we start our day off with prayer, bible study and poetry. You can choose your own daily readings or I can always suggest some things for you. If you follow Exploring Nature With Children then you know they have a more in depth description of caterpillars. But, most of the books and resources I will post describe the life of a caterpillar in length.


By Brod Bagert

They came like dewdrops overnight
Eating every plant in sight,
Those nasty worms with legs that crawl
So creepy up the garden wall,
Green prickly fuzz to hurt and sting
Each unsuspecting living thing.
How I hate them!   Oh, you know
I’d love to squish them with my toe.
But then I see past their disguise,
Someday they’ll all be butterflies.

Morning Time: Spend a few minutes every morning talking about the life cycles of butterflies, different types or species of butterflies, and where to find the caterpillar. Each book below will give you enough to do for a few weeks especially the “Butterfly Detective” Book.

Nature Walks: We will spend time in the mornings and evenings going on neighborhood walks looking for milkweed plant, and exploring other plants and flowers for any sign of caterpillars on the them. (scroll down to find picture) This is where knowing the life cycle of a caterpillars comes in handy. We use either one of these resources to remember the life cycle: Click on the orange Link Below the picture !

Doing a quick internet search to get to know the main caterpillars that are in your area is fun way to know what your looking for when you go on your walk. Some of these you can take with you: Click on the Orange Link Below the picture.

Here is a picture of a baby tree in our back yard. I’m not sure if an actual caterpillar ate it but this is something you might look for while out on your walk(holes in the leaves):

Next, you need something to keep the caterpillars in. Your insect lore kit comes with a butterfly cage but we always use these to bring them back home if were hiking. We also use mason jars! Just make sure they have enough air to breath. Click on the Orange Link below picture.

Nature Journal: After we find our caterpillars and identify them we will sit down and draw them(we also will draw the butterfly it will turn into) and enter all the information in our a journal. We look up the name or the butterfly name and the common area it belongs to(state or region). We make sure we put the date and place we found them. These are some of the best journal resources: Click on the Orange Link below the picture.

Follow Along Art:

Art for Kids Hub: Caterpillar


I cannot wait to study about butterflies in a couple of weeks! Make sure you come back for more information about these majestic insects!

This post contains affiliate links. I might get a small commission when you purchase from this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!


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