Essential Oil Perfume

Mother’s Day will be here in just a few days, so I wanted to hop on here and show you a quick and beautiful present you can make her. After all, homemade presents will always win the heart of a mother!

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

Let’s start off with my favorite essential oil perfume blend:

  • Top Note-Jasmine
  • Middle Note-Black Pepper
  • Base-Patchouli
  • Then I add a few of my other favorite essential oils: Bergamot and Cedarwood

Middle notes are what you add the most of. So, make sure it’s your favorite essential oil scent. My husband and I both love the smell of black pepper. His cologne has black pepper and Patchouli in it. I’ll show you how I make men’s cologne one day soon!


Things you need:

  • Perfume (glass) bottle. I used a 3.4 oz bottle. Here is my favorite:
  • You can also use roller bottles. Here is my favorite:
  • Essential Oils
  • Witch Hazel (if your not a witch hazel fan, just use water)
  • Distilled Water
  • Pipettes or Funnels

ONLY if your using a roller bottle you will fill your bottle up with a carrier oil, such as coconut, almond or jojoba oil, after you add your essential oils in. Do not use the witch hazel and distilled water


  1. Drop 8 drops of Patchouli (Base Note)
  2. Drop 15 drops of Vitality Black Pepper(Middle Note)
  3. Drop 5 drops of Jasmine (Top Note)
  4. Then I do 3-4 drops of Bergamot and Cedarwood each for my extra scents
  5. Then I fill the rest up with 1/2 witch hazel and 1/2 distilled water
  6. Shake until combined. You will have to shake it each time you want to use it.
  7. If your using a roller bottle you will also have to shake it.

That’s it! So simple and easy. I love the smell of this one but just in case you didn’t like this smell here are some others to try.

In the video I used a pink bottle. It has distilled water in it. I just wanted to be fancy instead of pouring out of a plastic jug! Enjoy!

Here are some other blends just in case you didn’t like my blend:

If you wanna try young living out, click here:

Now is such a great time to get started. Basic kits starting at $25!!

Thanks, Love, Amy

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