Boy mom here…Hi! I’m Amy and I’ve been a boy mom for 9 years. Young Living member for 12! Homeschool mom for 3 years! I have a wonderful husband who supports my habit/business of essential oils and crazy homeschool life. We have an old lady pup. Her name is Colie! We recently just got a new puppy, we rescued her. Her name is Reese. We travel around for my husbands work. We currently live on the coast of FL. We currently live in our camper while traveling around. Hold up! We just bought a house in FL and we’re making it ours!!! Look in the menu under Mimosa Parke House. We homeschool and we do oils. DAILY. I’m here to share the information with you about homeschool and whatever else. We live our life to the fullest! But, I like to keep it real!

Email me @ahoover82@yahoo.com

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